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Best time to visit Maldives

The Maldives located in the Indian Ocean distributed into more than 20 natural atolls with over 1100 natural tropical islands. Often described as «paradise on earth», this little island nation consisting of 99% water against actual land is adored by millions of travellers arriving here every year.
Climate all year around the Maldives is hot tropical weather with the lowest temperature at 27 degrees and hottest below 35 degrees on average. Dominantly the seasons split into two which are a dry season from Nov to April and from May to October wet monsoon of northeast winter & southwest monsoons and strong winds. Unlike most of the other destinations with climate seasons around the world, the Maldives seasons are not consistently the same weather throughout the season. For instance, during the Monsoon season (Wet) it could even go 2 months without any rain and just perfect weather throughout, similarly it could also be some rain showers during the dry season. Typically in the Maldives, it is very uncommon to have week-long rain during any season unless it's been affected by a tropical storm in the Indian ocean.

During both seasons, all the resorts in the Maldives continue its operations normally unlike some other tropical destinations which has to be closed during the wet weather period. The Maldives wet season can be easily compared to other destinations hot seasons as typical wet season weather in the Maldives is either some rains showers in the evening or morning for a couple of hours and it doesn't rain throughout the season. So we hope this answer a little on the best time to travel to the Maldives

There are few perks for travellers who travel to the Maldives during the European summer period as the resorts offer at least 40% to 30% lower rates compare to winter months and even in some cases 60% lower rates for the same villa compare to the New year and Christmas period.
Below we look at some of the seasonal activities that take part especially in Monsoon or wet season in the Maldives.

Are you a lover of Manta Rays and Whale sharks?

Well, then the best time to trip the Maldives would be May/June/July, to visit the Maldives only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Baa Atoll, located in the central-western part of the Maldives, is the only location in the Maldives which is declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It was declared in 2011 therefore since almost a decade ago the area has been under special protection. As per UNESCO the Baa Atoll has got some of the finest and healthiest reef systems in the Indian Ocean, plus play crucial importance in the transportation of planktonic larvae of reef organisms in the Indian Ocean. With such rich and healthy waters, one spot in Baa Atoll - the Hanifaru Bay, sometimes attracts more than 100's of Manta Rays in a day, with whom you can swim with. As it's under the special protection, the location is banned for diving. However, the fun is real for any marine lover who wishes to see these majestic and playful creatures swimming just a meter away from you. The same location also attracts the gentle giant of the ocean the beautiful Whale Sharks. Compare to the Manta Rays, the Whale sharks visit the location less frequently; however, the swimming with these two magical creatures in their natural habitat is an amazing experience.

Baa Atoll is also home to some of the best and most popular resorts in the Maldives, plus also has got its own domestic airport. Plenty of types of resorts to chose from and our team can help you find the best resort island in Baa Atoll that suits you the best.

Low Season is the best time to travel to the Maldives? Why?

Once again we can blame it on the weather and summer hitting the European continent. Even though its low season in the Maldives almost all resorts is open and they operate normally as they do in the dry or high season. So what has changed? Why call it a low season? The Maldives traditionally a popular destination among European travellers and during the European summer, most of these clients travel in the European beachside or other summer light destinations. However, the beginning of the last decade attracted Asian travellers and since have shown a strong demand as well during the low season of Maldives.
Weather in Maldives
The best part of the low season period is that you can enjoy the best saving or added value (including free meals offers on top of huge discounts) special promotions exclusively set for this period. The price compare to high season can go twice lower, yet you can enjoy the Maldives at its best. Your hammock day in the Maldives can be a lot more private, even on these private island resorts, compare to high season.

Best time to surf in the Maldives ?
In recent years the Maldives has started attracting some of the world's elite surfers visiting the Maldives and they visit for the best waves. Surfing has also reinvented luxury travel demands in the Maldives and some of the resorts has invented new activities to cater to the demand of surfing customers. Typical surf season starts from late February till early November in some of the locations. Some of the best months are April, June, and July as per the feedback that we have got from the customers. Many of resorts also offer lessons with surf instructors for new beginners. Surfing in the Maldives is very unique as you will not be bothered by 100's of people try to catch the same wave, its truly one of a kind experience. The kind of experience that you could only dream of at other surf destinations. Even on the days when it's flat, there are a lot more water activities to do like going for snorkeling or visiting the spa to get ready for the next set of waves coming, or just simply do yoga surrounded by the tropical beauty and the ocean breeze. The Maldives hosts World's most luxurious surfing championship in the world annually at a Four Season Resort Maldives. The latest champion of this event is Josh Kerr from Australia who is world renown surfer among the surfing community. The kind of surfing customers typically who visits these resorts are either family traveling together or a small group of long time friends traveling together, therefore the ambiance is these surf resorts are unique.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about the best time to visit the Maldives feel free to drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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